If you have ever had sudden back pain you know that it can bring you to your knees pretty quickly! The overriding instinct is to not move and hope the pain goes away….BUT this is NOT what will get you back on your feet quickly. 

What you do in those first few hours and days of having acute back pain can really dictate how long it lasts and how painful it is!

So we have put together this video to show you the Best 4 Movements you can do in the immediate aftermath of an acute attack and for the days following.

The Key of all of these exercises is that you keep them within your pain limits (ie don’t push into your pain) and do them as regularly as every hour.

Add some heat and gentle short walks and things should start to look up

Here are some other tips on how to manage your pain over the first few days:

‼️ Do Little Bits And Often: That is don’t do anything for too long, don’t sit for too long, don’t stand for too long, don’t lie down for too long. Move regularly over short periods.

‼️ Take Pain medication if you need to. Very often we hear patients say they do not want to take medication to mask the pain. BUT the fact is you need to get moving to get rid of the pain for good. If you are so sore that you have difficulty doing the exercises then the pain medication will allow you to do what you need to in the short term to get you better in the long term. There is no benefit in being a Martyr!!

‼️ Seek help from a Physiotherapist if your pain is not easing significantly within a few days.