Forever Fit


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What is Forever Fit?

Our specialised forever fit class is a strength and balance class aimed at those 70+ but is open to anyone who feels other traditional Pilates classes are not right for them or they have specific requirements relating to balance and movement. 

This expert led class was designed by ourselves here at Active Health+ to gain the strength, balance and flexibility benefits of traditional Pilates without having to get on and off the floor. We use a barre if needed to assist with balance to improve confidence in the strengthening exercises. 

This fun and energetic class is low impact so easy on the joints and is a great way of meeting new people a similar age.

BENEFITS OF forever fit

  • Improve your strength at any age

  • Improve balance and coordination assisting with a reduction in falls risk

  • Improve core strength and stability to maintain a strong mobile spine

  • Meet new people

  • Improvement in overall health and fitness