Mat Pilates


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Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates focuses on exercises performed on the floor using your body weight, light weights and resistance bands. Through a series of controlled movements targeting your core muscles including abdominals, back and glutes you will see an improvement in your flexibility, strength and posture.

Mat is great for improvements to your everyday lifestyle, injury recovery and prevention or enhancing athletic performance. 

Mat Pilates is a great starting point for anyone at the beginning of their Pilates journey. We keep our classes to a maximum of 10 people so under the care of our expert teachers you will develop awareness of healthy postural alignment; long, strong and flexible muscles and stability in your spine. 

benefits of mat pilates

> Core strength and stability

> Spinal articulation

> Improved posture and alignment

> Improved co-ordination and balance

> Full body conditioning 

> Can be done without any equipment