Pilates For Golf


up your game with pilates for golf

Pilates for Golf

Bring more power and control to your golf game with our new Pilates for Golf class.


Golf and Pilates share many of the same fundamentals such as breathing, concentration and repeated movement patterns. Emphasis on spinal flexibility, rotation and stability means that all players can gain a lot from this practice. This class will use a specific mix of regular Mat Pilates exercises designed to focus on golf related areas such as dynamic ankle mobility, hip joint range, torso rotation and side flexion as well as shoulder mobility to assist with all areas of your golf game.


Not forgetting that Pilates can help with injury prevention and injury recovery, Pilates for golf will help build a stronger core which in turn will increase your power for a better swing.


Whether you are a new or experience golfer, Pilates could be the answer to improving your performance, preventing injury and assist with your overall flexibility and mobility.


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