Sports Therapy


What Is A Sports Therapist?

Sports Therapist is an allied health profession, attributed to The Society of Sports Therapists, utilising key principles of human physiology and sport and exercise science, to underpin a patient-centred approach to treatment and management of a large spectrum of injuries and diagnoses, in both sporting and non-sporting populations. 

photo physical therapist doing lymphatic drainage Physiotherapy Holywood, Bangor

Sports Therapists specialise in an aspect of healthcare concerned with the prevention of injury occurrence, subsequent rehabilitation, and specific conditioning of the patient to return to optimum functionality and health, regardless of age and ability. With many parallels to Physiotherapy, Sports Therapists employ a musculoskeletal approach to treatment, utilising hands-on manual techniques, exercise therapy and patient education as a combined approach to optimise treatment outcomes for each individual patient.

A Sports Therapist will provide bespoke treatment and management for any type of musculoskeletal injury, as well as many other conditions. From sporting injuries such as knee ligament sprains and shoulder injuries, to degenerative conditions including Osteoarthritis, the practice of Sports Therapy is dedicated to ensure optimal recovery from both sporting and non-sporting injuries.