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barre Pilates classes at active health

Pilates is a holistic exercise routine designed to elongate, strengthen and restore the body to balance. It comes in various forms so regardless of age, ability or fitness, Pilates is beneficial for everyone and here at Active Health+ we will help you find the Pilates that is just right for you.

At Active Health+ we have over 25 years of experience of teaching Pilates. We offer a FREE Pilates consultation prior to starting to review your medical history, exercise goals and guide you to correct class for you.

Experience the benefits of Pilates first-hand as you start your journey of improving your posture, enhancing your flexibility and building a strong, resilient core. With regular practice, you’ll notice increased energy, reduced stress levels and a heightened sense of wellbeing.

Here at Active Health, we offer a diverse range of Pilates classes tailored to suit your fitness goals and preferences with numerous different class options and 1-1 sessions or couple sessions available that can suit your schedule and give you that extra bit of attention.

Mat Pilates at Actve Health

Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates focuses on exercises performed on the floor using your body weight, light weights and resistance bands. Through a series of controlled movements targeting your core muscles including abdominals, back and glutes you will see an improvement in your flexibility, strength and posture. 
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reformer Pilates at active health

Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates utilises a specialized machine called a reformer, which features a sliding carriage, springs and adjustable straps. The reformer provides resisted or assistance to intensify or modify exercises based on the springs.
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Barre Pilates at Active Health

Barre Pilates

Barre is a low impact, high intensity class that combines elements of ballet, Pilates and strength training to create a dynamic and energetic workout. It is a hybrid workout that focuses on a lot of small, intense movements that push muscles to the point of fatigue whilst getting a good aerobic workout.
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Forever Fit Classes at Active Health

Forever Fit

Our specialised forever fit class is a strength and balance class aimed at those 70+ but is open to anyone who feels other traditional Pilates classes are not right for them or they have specific requirements relating to balance and movement.

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Barre Pilates at Active Health

Pilates for Golf

This class will use a specific mix of regular Mat Pilates exercises designed to focus on golf related areas such as dynamic ankle mobility, hip joint range, torso rotation and side flexion as well as shoulder mobility to assist with all areas of your golf game.

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reformer Pilates at active health

Pilates for Men

Reformer for Men is our men only class that utilises the reformer machine, creating a challenging and dynamic workout that can be used for improvements in general health, athletic performance or injury recovery. 

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reformer pilates at active health

1-1 Pilates

1-1 or 2-1 sessions can be used for a variety of reasons: Some people use 1-1 sessions to strengthen before a ski holiday, Some just for general health and fitness with their friend or partner. Regular timetabled classes may not suit you due to timing restrictions with work patterns or other commitments.

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postnatal pilates classes for mums and baby

6 Week Mum + Baby Mat Pilates Class

This course of 6 classes is suitable from 6 weeks after delivery but available to you at any stage of your postnatal journey as everyone progresses at different times.

The class content is designed and delivered by physiotherapists and developed specifically to aid in postnatal recovery

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Pilates faqS:

Who is pilates for?

 In short, everyone! 

Pilates for Sport 

To meet the demands of many sports, movement quality and mobility is key!
Participation in Pilates allows athletes to improve their strength by improving the efficiency of their movement leading to improved overall athletic performance as well as injury prevention. 
Pilates is a key part of training for many athletes and dancers, both amateur and professional.

Pilates with an injury

Active Health+ Pilates is completely adaptable to the individual within our expert led, small group classes so having an injury should not stop your participation.
Our expertly trained instructors can modify any exercise, position or equipment to ensure you can remain active without aggravating your issue. Pilates is effective for restoring normal movement and building strength which are key pillars of injury recovery. Book a free Pilates consult now to ascertain the correct class for you and your injury. 


Pilates for post operative recovery 

As part of your rehabilitation our expert physios may introduce you to some Pilates activities to assist with your recovery 

What should i bring?

All equipment will be provided; we recommend you bring your own mat if you have it. For Pilates for Golf you are welcome to bring your own golf club as it will be used as an addition to movements in class. 

We also recommend you bring water to all classes.

what should i wear?

Comfortable bottoms and tops. Grip socks are recommended but not necessary for Reformer class. All classes are completed without shoes. 

how shoud i pay?

We offer pay as you go, class pack and memberships so there is always an option that suits you best. 

If classes are not your thing please consider our 1-1 or couples sessions 

Pilates classes timetable