Golf Injury Treatment and Prevention

Active Health has a team of specialist golf physios; helping you to Play better, stronger, and for longer


Active Health+ is a thriving local practice which offers World Class Physiotherapy and Supportive Services. The team of practitioners is well experienced in working with golfers of all ages and abilities, to get them playing better, feeling stronger and playing for longer.

The team at Active Health has designed a range of bespoke Physiotherapy, Pilates and Sports Therapy content specifically for golfers.

Active Health also provides class and exercise programmes aimed at mobilising and strengthening in order to help you play better, pain free and for longer.

Active Health+ has years of experience working with golf related injuries such as back pain, shoulder instability, golfer’s elbow and more: we will work with you to identify the issue, treat it, recover and give you the tools to ensure it doesn’t recur. For those who haven’t experienced injuries, we’re here to provide support to make sure you avoid it in the long term, whatever level you play at!


Paul Gray, Manager at Blackwood Golf Centre said: 

At Blackwood we are always looking for ways to add value to our membership and we are delighted to have such an aligned partner in Active Health.  Injuries can keep golfers out of the game for extended periods and often end their golfing lives early. 

Through a range of preventative and treatment therapies it can be possible to spend more time on the golf course and less sitting on the side lines.  Active Health is a progressive health partner that can support our members in their active lives.  

Blackwood Members can avail themselves of discount on treatments and benefit from programs such as Physiotherapy, Sports Massage and a range of bespoke offers throughout the year.”


Active Health Golf Warmup Video

If you’ve time, do the full 4 min warmup or if not, why not pick the area(s) you find are most in need and concentrate on those?

Active Health Golf Cooldown Video

For best results, try and do these exercises within half an hour of completing your golf session. A Sports Massage can also help – find out more here.

Exercise Downloads

Below you will find a range of PDFs available to download which will offer help for common golfing injuries; injury prevention, mobility for golfers and recovery from golf related pain such as neck pain, shoulder pain, backache, golfer’s elbow and knee problems.