Discover more about Adductor Tendinopathy

Have you ever experienced pain and stiffness in your groin and inner thigh?

It could be adductor tendinopathy; a condition that affects the adductor tendon located at the base of the pubic bone.

Let’s dive into the details:

📍 What is adductor tendinopathy?

The adductor muscles play a crucial role in hip movement and pelvic stability. Adductor tendinopathy refers to the typical pattern of pain and stiffness in the groin and inner thigh associated with this injury.

📍 What are the symptoms?

Pain in the groin region during adductor muscle movements is a common symptom. You may experience stiffness, weakness, and tenderness when pressing over the adductor tendon. The pain tends to develop gradually and can worsen over time, impacting daily activities such as walking or using stairs.

📍 What causes it?

Chronic overuse, especially among runners and athletes who frequently change directions, is a common cause of adductor tendinopathy. Overstretching the tendon or sudden increases in training intensity or type can contribute to its development. Prolonged forces on the tendon may lead to tissue degeneration, pain, and an increased risk of tearing.

📍 What is the treatment?

Accurate diagnosis is crucial, as other conditions may mimic adductor tendinopathy. Once confirmed, treatment focuses on identifying contributing factors and addressing them. Your physiotherapist may recommend rest, avoiding stretching, and addressing factors like running technique, muscle tightness, weakness, and training frequency.

Physiotherapy interventions include manual therapy, exercise programs, and eccentric exercises known to stimulate tendon regeneration. Conservative treatment is often attempted as the first line of action, with cortisone injections used if necessary. In severe cases, other medical interventions may be considered. Once the pain subsides, your physiotherapist can help prevent future recurrences.

If you’re experiencing symptoms, Active Health can provide an accurate diagnosis and personalised treatment plan.

Your journey to recovery starts here! 

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