We are very excited to be developing the services that we offer at Active Health and adding to our team. Anne McElnay, a Lymphedema Practitioner and Myofascial Specialist is joining Active Health with a wealth of knowledge and experience in this area.

What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage?

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)is a specialised manual therapy that uses a gentle rhythmic pumping technique that torques the skin in the direction of lymph flow. The Vodder method of MLD stretches the skin in two directions that opens up the overlapped endothelial cells, allowing fluid in the tissues to drain into the initial lymph vessels. Once the the pressure in the lymphatic system builds it creates a vacuum effect, speeding up lymphatic flow and drainage from the tissues. MLD does not increase blood pressure so it is very safe for individuals with compromised tissues and vessels such as the elderly, diabetics and other pathologies were massage is contraindicated. MLD has a relaxing and calming effect on the nervous system as the soothing rhythmic stimulations of the skin lowers the activity of the sympathetic nervous system. This also has a pain reducing affect as it stimulates the mechanoreceptors in the skin by releasing inhibitory hormones that counterbalance the transmission of nociceptors (pain receptors). Pain is also reduced through the removal of chemical “danger” signal stimulators such as lactic acid or by products of histamines in the tissues.

Benefits of MLD

  • Promotes and supports the healing process of torn ligaments, fractures and sprains.
  • Can improve chronic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, sinusitis, scleroderma and other skin conditions.
  • Relieves fluid congestion such as swollen ankles, legs and tired puffy eyes.
  • During pregnancy there is extra strain on the lymphatic system which can be reduced using MLD to keep legs and feet fluid free.
  • Helps to detox the body by speeding up fluid transport and drainage of the tissues, helping to strengthen the immune system and getting rid of toxic chemicals that have built up in the body.
  • Very efficient at speeding up healing after all surgeries including cosmetic surgeries.
  • Promotes healing of wounds and burns as well as improving the appearance of old scars including stretch marks.
  • Relieves digestive tract disorders such as IBS and constipation.
  • Helps with symptoms of Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Autonomic Dystonia (muscle stiffness) and Bells Palsy.
  • Relieves tension headaches and migraines

If you would like to discuss with our team about whether you would benefit from this service please call 028 90421188 or email