Find out about Concussion

Our Sports Therapist, Lucy Armstrong answers some questions about concussion.

What is Concussion?

Concussion is a traumatic brain injury resulting in a disturbance of brain function. There are many symptoms and signs of concussion, common ones being headache, dizziness, memory disturbance or balance problems.


What are the Symptoms of Concussion?

· Dizziness

· Mental clouding, confusion, or feeling slowed down

· Visual problems

· Nausea or vomiting

· Fatigue

· Drowsiness/feeling like “in a fog“/difficulty concentrating

· “Pressure in head”

· Sensitivity to light or noise

· Headache


How long do I wait before I can return to play/ activity?

Physical rest should be for a minimum of one week for any adult player with concussion or suspected concussion.

This physical rest comprises 24 hours of complete physical and cognitive rest followed by relative rest (activity that does not induce or aggravate symptoms) for the rest of the week.


Where can I read more about Concussion?

Concussion Guidance | World Rugby

Head injury and concussion – NHS (

find out about Concussion