Barre Pilates


just what is BARRE PILATES?

Barre is a hybrid workout incorporating elements of Pilates, yoga and strength training. Bare focuses on small, intense movements that push muscles to the point of fatigue whilst getting a good aerobic workout. Like Pilates, Barre is kind on the joints making it accessible for people of any age or fitness ability. To help with balance the Barre is used as a prop allowing increased focus on toning and strengthening through higher repetitions of small range of motion movements.


What do I need?
Normal exercise clothes, barefeet
Who can try barre?
Anyone can try Barre, even those who have chronic or recent injuries such as back or knee pain.
Do I need dance training or ballet experience?
No, no legwarmers or leotards required! Watch the video for an example of our Barre Classes.

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