8 Simple Ways To Stop Daily Annoying Shoulder Pain!

Learn 8 things you can start doing RIGHT NOW that will help Ease your shoulder pain and Stiffness Naturally without having to take Painkillers or see your GP! 

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Here at Active Health Solutions, we know that shoulder pain affects all your daily activities – from driving, to doing the dishes, to walking the dog, to reading the paper! Shoulder pain is debilitating, and we understand how frustrating it is to live with constant, daily discomfort.

That’s why treating shoulder pain is very close to our hearts, and of the countless patients that come to see us for help, most share the same concern: why did it happen to them, and why hasn’t it disappeared yet.

These are both really good questions – in fact, when it comes to shoulder pain, understanding why you have it is often the most difficult thing of all. Joints, ligaments, rotator cuff damage, or even dislocation could be the cause, and it’s important to find out which. Happily, though, the answer as to why your pain has lasted so long is a little bit simpler…

Many of our patients waited for months before coming in to see us, that is, before taking any action. They all share one common denominator: they believed that their shoulder pain would disappear on its own.

It didn’t, and in effect it just got so much worse. The problem is, while they were waiting for the pain to disappear – resting and avoiding movement – the muscles grew ever-tighter, and the joint started to lose even more strength and mobility. Resting for long durations of time was the first mistake.

Another common factor in the persistence of pain is the conflicting information that can be found around us. For many of our patients, YouTube, Google, and even advice from loved ones led them down garden paths, ultimately leading them to increase the pain and, most likely, damage the inflamed, sore area further. The problem here is that many patients then give up hope, resign themselves to the pain, and in the process they prolong their recovery time extensively. 

If this sounds like something you’ve gone through, don’t worry. There is hope. Keep reading.

At this point, the patient is desperate to relieve the pain – her activity levels have dropped, family time has been underscored by anxiety and irritability, and her social life has stagnated. Something has to change. For many, however, the change isn’t to take action, it’s to delay the onset of the pain.

A visit to their GP’s results in the prescription of painkillers which, consequently, does nothing to target the root cause of the problem and everything to mask the issue and increase the pain exponentially. Eventually, many of our patients find themselves in a terrible cycle of painkillers, rest, and increased dosages. Their health is affected and they are even more depressed than before they took the medication.

Again, if this sounds like you, don’t worry. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. At Active Health, we realise that dealing with a problem like shoulder pain can often be overwhelming – we’re here to help.

Take A Look At Some More Reasons Why Your Pain Might Be Lasting Longer Than It Ought To:

If you’ve experienced – or are currently going through – any of the above, we sincerely invite you to give us a call to chat about how we can help you. We want you to access the healthy, active, mobile, independent life we know you long for – and we can help you achieve it.

Call now to chat to one of our qualified, friendly, professional physiotherapists to find out how you can take action, today. Remember, you’ve come this far – knowing that nothing else has worked means that now, right this minute, you can start doing what really does work. Call us to find out more:

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At this point, it is clear that something has to change. Waiting, taking painkillers, and trying ineffective methods just isn’t helping – and it isn’t making you any happier.

How can you get rid of the pain, get back your family time, and get back to doing the activities you love?

Well, we have a few answers for you:

Put An End To The Procrastination. We really encourage you to take action: by making a conscious effort to get the help you need you will genuinely start with the best foot forward on your journey to recovery. Waiting and being immobile has only worsened your issue, and it’s time to make a change that truly produces the results you want.

Be Aware Of Your Posture. When it comes to shoulder pain, much of your suffering could be aggravated by the way in which you stoop, sleep, or even walk. Make sure that you’re always doing activities in a way that supports your shoulder. If you’re unsure about what that may mean, speak to a physiotherapist for guidance.

Furthermore, make sure you’re not carrying heavy weights – lifting anything especially heavy will aggravate your shoulder pain, even if you’re lifting it with the opposite arm! Remember, when you lift heavy things, your muscles strain, and that can often to lead to pain and inflammation in the painful area.

Visit A Qualified, Hands-On Physiotherapist. Physiotherapy is by far the most effective, fastest, and safest way of permanently relieving the pain in your shoulder. Unlike painkillers, physiotherapy isn’t a temporary bandage to your problem; physiotherapy treats the root cause of your issue, thus providing you with a permanent solution. Not only that, physiotherapy also gives you the tools to maintain a pain free life – tailor-made, personalised exercises and stretches give you the best possible chance to remain pain-free, do the activities you love, and maintain the life you deserve.

Do extra exercises. Contrary to what you may have heard, resting your shoulder actually aggravates the pain over a long period of time. In order to heal and to recover mobility, you need to strengthen the muscles and ligaments in that area. Being active and mobile is the best way to jump-start your recovery. So, in addition to the exercise routine you’ll receive from your physiotherapist, why not try doing some other gentle, low impact exercises? Walking, and Pilates are just a few examples of what’s available to you. Keep moving and you’ll begin seeing tremendous results!

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Here Are Just Some Of The Things Seeing One Of Our Dedicated Physiotherapists Can Do For You:

If you’re excited about overcoming you shoulder pain, and you’re ready to take action, then we genuinely encourage you to contact us, right now. Here are Active Health, we’re dedicated to helping you get back to doing the things you love and we can’t wait to help you get started. Shoulder pain doesn’t need to rule your life – we want to see you smile again.

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