How to Ease Annoying Neck Pain and Stop it from Disturbing Sleep, Work and Leisure!

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Neck pain can be one of the most debilitating conditions out there – from limiting your mobility, to stealing family time, it really is a pain in the neck! We here at Active Health+ understand how frustrating daily neck discomfort can be, and we also realise that you desperately want to know why it happened and how it can be fixed.

These are both good questions. So many of our patients had lived with neck pain that lasted for months on end before coming to see us. Why?

Well, there are various reasons. One is that many people believe the pain will disappear on its own. In fact, you might be telling yourself things can only get better, despite nothing actually changing. If you are, don’t worry, you aren’t alone in your thinking – there is a solution to your problem.

Here at Active Health+ we see countless patients with the same mind-set. We know for sure, though, that nothing is changing by waiting for tomorrow. And we also know that you need to start asking yourself how much longer you can believe it will change.

Yet, maybe you’re not waiting. Maybe you’re in another group of sufferers: those who visit the doctor only to be prescribed painkillers. Far from actually fixing the problem, they only mask the root cause of the pain, thereby causing further and further damage and, consequently, discomfort. Sadly, the dosages are often increased over time, thus exacerbating the effects. With painkillers your recovery time is lengthened, your general health is affected, and you feel unwell. Once again, your neck pain is still there and nothing is changing.

After years working in physiotherapy, our team at Active Health+ understand how difficult it is for many of our patients to get the right information about their problems – from Google, to YouTube, to advice from loved ones, many of them just don’t know where to start. Conflicting information often confuses you even more – how do you know you have neck pain and not shoulder pain? How can you tell if it’s just a sprain or if it’s something more? And what in the world can you do about it? We understand your frustration and we want to help.

Let’s start here.

Here Are 7 Of The Most Common Reasons Your Neck Pain Might Be Lasting Longer Than It Should Be:

Maybe you’ve only experienced one or two of the above, or perhaps you’ve gone through it all. Either way, if you’re currently suffering from ongoing, daily neck pain, we invite you to give us a call, right now.

One of our friendly, qualified, experienced, understanding physiotherapists will be glad to have a chat about how our team at Active Health+ can help you overcome your discomfort.

The call is free of charge and there is absolutely no obligation or risk to you. We really do want to help, and we’re excited about having a chat. Remember, making the decision to take action, and even just reading this page, is a step in the right direction – you know where you’ve been, and it’s now time to discover where you can go. If you’re excited about accessing the life you deserve, click the link below and have a talk with one of our dedicated physiotherapists, today.

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Alright, you now know that nothing had changed; your pain is a daily occurrence and your social activities, mobility, and family time is suffering. Something has to change. But, how?

We’re glad you asked.

Take A Look At These 4 Ways For Overcoming Your Pain, Right Now:

We hope you’re excited about living the life you dream of. If so, we want to invite you to book a Free Discovery Session with one of our dedicated physiotherapists. This session, which is completely free and entirely without risk or obligation, is designed to make you feel at ease, identify your problem, and help relieve your pain. If you’re interested in how our team as Active Health+ can help you, right now, we encourage you to sign up for one of these sessions and to come see us. We’re excited to meet you and help you access the life you dream of.

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We sincerely hope you’re excited about your journey!

Here’s How Our Team At Active Health+ Can Help You, Right Now:

Here at Active Health+, we really do want you to live the best life you can. We hate seeing our patients in pain, and we genuinely want to help. We know how important your social activities, exercises, independence, mobility, and family time is, and that’s why we are dedicated to getting you back to health in no time. Neck pain doesn’t need to steal your happiness and joy – let us help you overcome it, right now.

If you’re serious about living a pain-free life, and are excited about the prospect of facing each day without discomfort, we invite you to contact us for more information on how we can help you achieve your goals. For costs and availability simply click the link below . We’re so excited to hear from you, and we look forward to helping you on your journey!

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