After 2 months of numbness in my left leg Mark has made a dramatic improvement.   In 2 weeks my mobility has improved markedly and the numbness and hypersensitivity have reduced considerably.    I was highly recommended by 2 people to your practice and as a keen golfer I feel Mark has tailor made the exercises to enable me to return to golf.  I have been out of action for  3 months and Mark feels I should be able to return soon.  I will, of course, be recommending your practice .
Thank you

Shauna Kyle

I have been a patient for several years and am very happy with the excellent treatment and care I have received on every occasion.

Brian McIlroy

After only two sessions, I’m improving much better than I thought.


Yes, I’ve been very happy with the physio sessions I have had and feel they have been worthwhile in helping to isolate the source of the pain which has originated from my hip and is affecting my leg and foot. The manipulation/ massage is starting to free up the joint and the exercises and management advice have been both helpful and effective.
The link-in between Mark and Olivia for the Pilates Class I attend is super, and I feel this allows me to get the maximum benefit out of the class and the therapy.
I never got there to thank you for arranging the 1-1 session for my daughter with Olivia – this went really well, and Olivia really put her at her ease and allowed them to get to know each other better. She got on much better at the class this week as a result. When she’s smiling she’s happy!
The input Active Health have had with  my daughter has been invaluable  from when she went along to the first session with you for her joint pain to getting the diagnosis of Hypermobility – she has been able to take control of her condition and learn what works for her – or doesn’t, like trampolining!!

 Anne McMurray

“I have no hesitation in recommending Active Health.

I have been going there for about 6 years on and off with occasional back/muscle issues usually as there result of lifting something too heavy.

Most recently they sorted my back out with 10 days to go before the Causeway Coast 10k which I successfully completed.

As someone who is self employed I really value their ability to help me get rid of pain quickly so I can get on with my life.

All the physios I have met there are consistently skillful with strong track records. #safehands”

Nick Hope

Friendly, professional staff who really know their stuff. I went to them after suffering severe back pain and got given the treatment and advice I needed to return to the office in a matter of weeks. Cannot recommend them highly enough.

Patricia Doherty

Relieved at last! Thank you Karly

Rachael C

I would recommend Active Health Solutions to everyone.  They provide an extremely professional service in a relaxed atmosphere.  The staff are always friendly and welcoming.


“Had suffered from backache for quite a few years.  David did a great job and I hope to be pain free going forward”


“First time at physio for treatment for headaches.  Very pleased with result”

Greg Statham

“I have recommended the service to others and would do so again.  Aware of two individuals who have used the service as a result of the recommendation”



“Feel the treatment by Karly has been exceptional”

Karen Williams

“I have been attending pilates classes with Rachel since they were first offered at Active Health and I have to say that pilates has been truly life changing for me! I struggled for several years with a painful back problem which really affected my quality of life. Now I am pain free, can move better, am getting more flexible and can enjoy exercising at the gym.  Rachel is an experienced physiotherapist as well as a pilates instructor and the small classes mean she is able to give one to one support  to each client and also modify the exercises to suit the individual as required.  The classes are great fun and it is really encouraging and rewarding to see how the exercises you couldn’t do initially, become easier over time. I have found pilates has helped me so much.  Active Health is well named –and pilates has enabled me to enjoy active health in a way I hadn’t been able to for years.”

A Blog Post from a satisfied Client

“If you know my story from previous posts then you’ll understand that one of the key motivating factors for me was my experience in hospital where I had surgery on a damaged lower disc.  I vowed to take better care of myself and when I was given the all-clear in September 2012 to get back to being active my physiotherapist (Dave Saligari from Active Health Solutions www.activehealthsolutions.co.uk) recommended a beginners course in Pilates.

I enrolled on a 10 week course with Dave’s wife and business partner Rachel.  I had been informed that the other course participants would be all male and at the same level as me i.e. no experience or fitness whatsoever.  Don’t get me wrong, I love females, but the thought of stretching, being stretched and the risk of escaping wind from all orifices in front of the fairer sex would be pretty ego damaging.

As I walked into the studio on the first night imagine my delight when 7 of the 10 participants were female.  The initial feeling of discomfort soon disappeared as I realised that we were all as uncomfortable as each other.  Couple this with Rachel’s relaxed style and clear teaching and the hour flew by.  My body felt that it had actually had a workout and various muscles and joints were reawakened.

The old second day pain did attack me however and my body had only just righted itself in time for the next week’s session.

Anyway, I completed my 10 week course last week and intend to enrol on another course in the New Year because the benefits have been unbelievable.

Once you understand the concept of breathing (something that I thought I should already have been accustomed to after 40 years) then the process of core strength development is actually very obvious.  I still struggled with certain exercises (mainly through cramping which is something that I can sort out with more effective dieting and hydration during the day) but 9 times of 10 I was performing each manoeuvre effectively.

I now find myself correcting my posture and randomly doing exercises at various points during the day.

I genuinely have felt a complete change for the better with regard to my back and have suffered little if any reactions.  The main benefit seems to be when getting off the bike after a couple of hours riding.  Previously, I disembarked gingerly and had to almost ease myself to straighten up, now however, I feel no such pain or discomfort so clearly the course has slowly but surely strengthened my core muscles.

What can I say about Pilates then?  Tremendous.  Seriously.  Tremendous.

Thanks to Dave and Rachel at www.activehealthsolutions.co.uk for all their help, not just with Pilates but before my operation and since.”


“An excellent professional service you are to be commended”


“Excellent service and a very professional and helpful team”


“I would highly recommend Active Health for treatment for other clients’ needs”


“This was the best treatment that I have ever received a big thank you to the physio”