Occupational Physiotherapy


We specialise in on-site and off-site (at our practice) physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation.

Occupational Physiotherapy has been shown to have demonstrable effects in reducing both the incidence and overall number of days lost to ill health and accidents (LTIA) within an organisation. It also helps to reduce an organisation’s insurance premiums and litigation costs from the provision of what is seen as a major benefit of employment.

As well as on and off-site treatment we offer the following occupational physiotherapy services:

• Pre-Employment Musculoskeletal Screening
• VDU and Workstation Setup Advice
• Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)
• Manual Handling & Back Care Classes
• Return to Work (RTW) & Work Hardening Programmes

We have very good experience providing occupational physiotherapy services to a number of companies in UK and Ireland. We have taken part in an award winning programme of occupational health within the Foyle Group which has very successfully reduced LTIA across their group meat processing plants in Northern Ireland and Donegal. Other organisations with whom we work include Haldane Fisher and the Northern Ireland Civil Service Sports Association (NICSSA).