6 Weeks to Super Health!

Six Weeks to Super Health
Date 31 January 2011
Time 7.00pm
Venue Active Health Solutions, 10-12 Hibernia St, Holywood BT18 9JE
Cost £60.00

Tired all the time?

Feeling fat, frazzled and fed up?

Let Vital Nutrition help you achieve 2011’s New Year’s Resolutions – join us for Six Weeks to Super Health…

– lose the festive flab

– banish bad moods

– feel energised and invigorated

– weekly nutrition information classes

– track your progress week to week

– weekly menu ideas and healthy recipes to add to your collection

– expert advice from NI’s most experienced Nutritional Therapist, Jane McClenaghan

Here’s what people say about the course:

‘Brilliant, thank you Jane. I really enjoyed the course and feel like I’ve got a lot out of it. I was totally fed up with my eating habits and restricting myself all the time to lose weight and not seeing any real change!! I knew I wanted something that would teach me how to eat properly again and it was perfect that I discovered your course.’ – C. Campbell

‘Jane, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the 6 weeks to summer course. Not only was it very informative, it was easy to follow! And slowly but surely I’m trying out the recipe’s.’ – P Montgomery

For More information and to book contact Vital Nutrition at http://www.vital-nutrition.co.uk/events/viewdetails.asp?ID=39