Hydro Run


“Active Health is revolutionising rehabilitation in sports related injuries and patient healing.”

Aquatic therapy is an excellent low-impact activity for people of all ages and abilities. The therapeutic environment of an Endless Pool helps to remove metabolic waste, improve cardiac function, lower blood pressure, enhance tissue healing, increase blood flow and offload impact on joints and muscles. Combined with an underwater treadmill and swim current,  this aquatic environment provides a truly unique and effective method of rehabilitation and recovery.

Harnessing the physical properties of water to enhance recovery and exercise performance, this facility is ideal for a variety of medical conditions:

  • Pre and Post Surgical Rehabilitation
  • Sports Injury Rehabilitation
  • Spinal Injuries
  • Chronic Spinal Pain
  • Arthritis
  • Joint Pain


Developing a serious injury can ruin a career for a professional athlete, end a season for a talented cross country runner, or cause a loss of fitness for the enthusiastic novice. Thanks to HydroRun underwater treadmill facility in our Endless pool, you can maintain your fitness at performance level, with the added healing benefits of an aquatic environment to enhance recovery. Unlike traditional land running, the aquatic environment naturally decreases inflammation and increases circulation to speed up the recovery process.

HydroRun which comprises both the Underwater Treadmill facility and the Endless Pool, serves to benefit athletes in 3 ways:endless2

  • Enhance recovery of joint injuries, muscle pain or pre/post surgery
  • rehabilitation.
  • Continue training to maintain fitness while injured.

Use the underwater technology to assess running mechanics to prevent further injury and improve running form.

Alistair Brownlee’s experience is a great example of the huge impact an underwater treadmill has on rehabilitation as well as training. The Triathlete, who suffered a stress fracture and achilles tear six months before The Olympics 2012, continued to train in an Endless Pool and Underwater Treadmill and went on to win the Gold Medal in London.

Additionally, World Class distance runner, Galen Rupp praises the healing benefits of this facility and reveals its significance to his success as an athlete;
“It’s one of the biggest reasons I’ve had so much success. I’ve been fortunate to stay healthy and injury free. I’m able to have a hard workout and then go jump in the pool, run in that and then I’m ready to go again the next day.”

How it works

The treadmill is situated inside a small, 6-foot deep pool. The force of water jets at the front of the pool can be adjusted to create variable resistance, depending on the intensity of the workout. Cameras are installed in the pool to provide an underwater view so the therapist and yourself can analyse and review your body mechanics.

Whether you are wanting to get back in shape, recover from an injury or soothe and strengthen muscle or joint pain, using the Endless Pool provides a a safe, versatile environment to perform a variety of workouts and exercises.