Our Professionally appointed clinic in Holywood includes:

  • Spacious and welcoming Reception area
  • 3 Clean and modern treatment rooms
  • Large Bright Pilates studio
  • Well equipped Rehab/Personal Training Gym incorporating
    • Professional Treadmill
    • Exercise Bike
    • Kettlebells
    • Medicine Balls
    • Barbells with a selection of weights
    • Weights Bench
    • TRX
    • Mini trampoline
    • Bosu
    • Swiss Balls
    • Foam Rollers
    • Aerobic Step
    • Therabands
    • Bodyblade




We are excited to announce the launch of Northern Ireland’s premier Endless Pool Swim-stroke analysis and Underwater Treadmill facility based at Ravenhill Road Belfast run by our Personal Trainer, David Graham. ‘Swim Infinity’ swim-stroke analysis provides a unique coaching experience to enhance performance by improving stroke technique and efficiency in water.

Most triathletes find swimming the most challenging to master simply because they are doing it wrong! The technical aspect of swimming is fundamentally important to swimming faster, you can churn up countless laps in the pool, but without the right technique you will not progress and become faster. By developing a more efficient technique, you will conserve more energy for the bike and run, prevent a premature heart-rate spike, reduce fatigue and see great gains in your overall race performance.

Technique is an area that can always be improved regardless of your ability, so we encourage triathletes of all abilities to try this service. For beginners, this is a valuable opportunity to learn good technique from the start, something that triathletes from a swimming background have been working on for years! For the more experienced triathletes looking to improve race performance, David’s coaching knowledge and experience at elite level will ensure you gain that competitive racing edge by identifying weaknesses within the stroke and working with you closely to improve power and efficiency.


Swim Infinity Technology

Swim Infinity use SwimPro technology and underwater mirrors to capture all angles above and below water. The cameras are attached to a computer with movement analysis software and video monitors which allow us to analyse exactly what the individual is doing as they swim. SwimPro technology is the market leader providing state of the art swimming training equipment used by professional coaches and clubs around the world to analyse technique.

Video stroke analysis is an extremely effective tool used to identify poor stroke mechanics whilst allowing the individual to see what they are doing in the water for themselves. This makes the coaching environment at Swim Infinity unique in that the individual is an active participant in their learning. By providing an opportunity for the individual to see their stroke themselves, they gain greater understanding of what needs to be corrected and allows for adjustments to be made there and then. Many swimmers are surprised by the huge differences between what they think they are doing in the water and what they are actually doing as seen on the slow motion play back.

Swim Infinity at David Graham Fitness provides an outstanding environment to enhance swimming performance of all abilities.  So, whether you are a beginner transitioning from breaststroke to freestyle for your first Sprint Tri or an Ironman looking to reduce time and energy spent in the water, its time to get race ready with Swim Infinity.

Interested in finding out more about this service?

The service costs £70 per 1 hour session. The individual will receive a DVD of the assessment and specific drills for them to work on. We encourage clubs to make group bookings, as we are pleased to offer a discounted price of £60 per person when a booking of 4 is made.

Email us with any questions or queries and we will contact you within 48hrs to help you select or organise your package.